Pots and pans

Some of the utensils I can't cook without.

My kitchen is pretty simple right now, so my hope is to appeal to people who don’t do much cooking. So what can you get away with? Here is what I think you need in your kitchen to be able to cook:


  • Crock pot
  • Microwave (although I rarely use it)
  • Blender
  • Coffee pot (well, this is a necessity for me)

Pots and pans:

  • Two sizes of non-stick skillet
  • Two sizes of saucepan
  • At least one stock pot (that’s a big pot, such as you’d cook soup or pasta in)
  • One deep, square casserole dish, or a standard 9″ X 13″
  • Two or three sizes of mixing bowls
  • Collander
  • At least one baking sheet


  • A good set of knives (at least four different blades)
  • Utility scissors (often come with a knife set)
  • At least one silicon spatula (these things are worth their weight in gold)
  • Two or three plastic cooking spoons/spatulas of different shapes
  • At least one whisk
  • At least one good sized strainer
  • One pair of tongs, metal or plastic
  • Simple set of measuring cups and spoons

Wish list (I have most of these things, but you should be able to make anything I make without them):

  • Food processor
  • PIzza stone
  • Toaster oven
  • Cast iron skillets and/or dutch ovens
  • Silicon pot holders
  • Four cup measure

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