Simple vodka cream sauce with smoked fish


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Returning from nine days on the road, there was almost nothing in my kitchen. The roomie is away for the weekend, so I’m cooking for one. Figuring out something to eat that wasn’t on the menu for the past week and a half was a high priority this evening!

My cousin sent me home with some smoked kokanee salmon, so I did a google search on what I could make with it. One rather complicated vodka cream sauce caught my eye, but I never go to that much trouble. Instead, here is my simple version of a delicious and filling meal (this recipe is enough for one, but can easily be doubled, tripled or more): Continue reading

Food share, episode 1


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For the past week I’ve been on a literal and metaphoric spiritual journey, three days of which included a wonderful weekend at the Wild Goose Festival in Corvallis, OR. I have all the necessary gear to cook over a camp fire, but don’t own a camp stove, so I “advertised” for help with this dilema an Facebook and connected with another festival goer who had the necessary cooking stuff. (What I did take was my coffee maker and rice cooker! Yep, there was an electrical outlet near the campground)

Part of what made this experience so much fun was sharing food. Since this was simple, basic cooking, I’m not going to couch it in terms of a recipe, per se, but more in regards to the sharing of food and feeding the collective spirit. Continue reading

Green chile pesto with penne


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I have a bad habit of making things up and never writing them down…ergo, a blog in which to keep track. This one is not for everyone, but it rang my bell! Here’s what I had:


  • One cup fresh basil from the garden (about the only thing that is growing!)
  • Half cup pine nuts
  • Half cup grated parmesan
  • Half cup extra virgin olive oil
  • Two cloves of garlic
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Two roasted green chiles, skinned and minced
  • Penne pasta, cooked

Continue reading

Banana bread pudding


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I got home from nearly a week on the road and found a chunk of banana bread I hadn’t finished before I left town (thanks to my new roomie, I have lots of baked goods these days!). I wondered if I could make bread pudding with it–it was beginning to be a bit stale, but wasn’t molded. So I tried it and I think I have a new favorite treat! Continue reading