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A friend recently said something on Facebook about being in England and needing to find a place that served a good bacon sandwich and my ears pricked up. You know I looked it up online! What could be better? Bacon, butter, toppings if you want them. And then, for some, a mysterious substance known ubiquitously as “brown sauce”, and clearly not available to me in my current location, but which looks suspiciously like brown gravy in a bottle.

So, I looked in my fridge to see what I could throw together and this is the lovely bacon sandwich I threw together:


  • Eight slices thick cut bacon, fried extra crispy
  • Four slices bread, toasted
  • butter or mayo
  • toppings, if you’d like (I used very thinly sliced onion and red bell peppers)

1. Fry up that bacon!

2. While the bacon fries, prepare your toppings, if any, and toast the bread. Slather all four slices liberally with butter. If you don’t do dairy, I pity you, and you may try mayo, but don’t go without one or the other–it will be overly dry without it.

3. Put four slices of bacon straight from the skillet on each of two pieces of bread. Cover with your toppings, if any, and top with the remaining pieces of bread.

This is decadent and should probably be served with an extra healthy salad, but I won’t tell if you just nosh down on nothing but bacony goodness.