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By the end of the festival, we were beginning to get low on food stuffs, but still managed to create something amazing. (For the first episode, click here)

What the girls in the other tent had:

  • Penne pasta
  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Blood oranges and grapes

What I had:

  • Bits and bobs of leftover veggies from tacos
  • Apples and oranges

What the fellow in another tent had:

  • Peanut butter cookies

The sauce was put to simmering over the “grill” side of the camp stove while the penne was cooked on the burner. As soon as it was almost al dente, it was drained and added to the sauce, along with the bits and bobs of chopped onions and other veggies from the night before (maybe a bit of green chile got in there–no telling!).

We made a fruit salad with the apples, oranges and grapes, and used some of the blood orange juice as a dressing. Served it all up with some St. Clair Winery Pecan Wine I had taken as a little gift from New Mexico, and ended the evening with the cookie offering. There was plenty for the four that we fed and then some–we were offering food to strangers all evening!