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A friend posted a cute idea on Facebook–taco salad cups made with corn tortillas on the back of a muffin tin! I had the right leftovers tonight, so I made taco salad. MM MM GOOD!


  • Six corn tortillas
  • Left over taco meat
  • One can black beans
  • Salad fixings: lettuce, tomato, onion, zucchini, radishes, olives, etc.
  • Grated cheese
  • Taco or picante sauce
  • Sour cream

1. Wrap the tortillas in a wet paper towel and microwave for a few seconds. Spray each one front and back with a small amount of canola cooking spray and gently smush* into the space between muffin spaces on the back of a muffin tin. Place in oven at 400 degrees until crispy.

2. Reheat meat, heat beans, and cut up all the salad ingredients.

3. When salad cups are crispy, fill with beans, meat, cheese, salad ingredients and chow down!

*if you are unsure how to “gently smush” the corn tortillas, just think about the shape they need to be once they are cooked. I couldn’t think of another way to describe it–it takes some careful manipulation.