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This is not my recipe, so I thank my friend Blake’s wife for an idea that I can try, and which fits with my grand plan here at the blog. Yes, I will have to buy these ingredients (because I don’t keep sugary things in the house), but it’s a simple recipe with few ingredients and easy to explain to just about anyone.


  • Four mini graham cracker crusts in tin plates
  • Two plain chocolate bars
  • Eight marshmallows

This is the only kind I’ve found, online or in stores. Anyone know of any others?

1. Fire up the grill. OK, keep the grill fired up from whatever you have been cooking out.

2. Place half of a chocolate bar and two marshmallows in the bottom of each crust.

3. Place all four crusts on the grill and heat slowly until the chocolate begins to melt slightly and the marshmallows are slightly brown (this will require getting a little fire over the top here and there).

The lovely thing about these is that you can fold them while they are still in the tin and get something very similar to the fireside version of the s’more. Enjoy!