Well, surprisingly, we are having both in New Mexico. And wouldn’t you know it, I watered the garden today.

The new tomato and jalapeno plants, getting a little rain.

I realized it had been quite some time since my last garden update, so I thought I’d post the latest pictures. We had a bust in several of the rows–no carrots, a very light smattering of cilantro, and the beans and squash have decided to remain undetected.

To fill out the nakedness of the garden plot, I have purchased three heirloom tomatoes and two jalapenos. The peas and sunflowers are making excellent progress!

The sunflowers threaten to take over.

Can’t wait for my colorful tomato crop–stripeys, black and deep rich red. Some kind of salsa will ensue once the jalapenos begin to ripen as well. You’ll definitely get THAT recipe!