I’ve been blogging for nearly a decade. I own blogs on issues from emergent christianity to living plastic-free to the rhetoric of advertising. In a long career as a writer, some of the best writing I’ve done has ended up on the internet.

And then a few weeks ago I started a simple food blog. I had two ideas–first, that cooking is not always accessible to everyone, but it should be. (There’s a story here…I’ll tell it at some point.)

The second idea was to keep track of recipes I had created on not much more than a whim. It started with a mango chicken recipe that I have made again and again for years. I literally had five things in my kitchen and I figured I could use them to make something edible. I did. And now, six years later, I’m beginning to gather these recipes and create new ones.

I am awed and honored to have the author of my favorite food blog, Frugally Delicious, nominate me for the Versatile Blogger award.

One of the terms of the award is to share seven things about myself, so here is more than you ever wanted to know:

  • My handsome pup!

    I write for a living, and I spend much of my free time…well…writing.

  • Music is the center of my existence. I sing opera, musical theatre, and more. I’ve sung the National Anthem at every possible kind of event, and I served as a worship pastor at three churches.
  • My dog, Buddy, is the love of my life.
  • I need new glasses. Sigh.
  • As if I have time in my day, I’m also an addicted avid gamer.
  • My dream is to buy an Airstream, pimp it out, and live in it. True freedom.
  • I hope my garden grows.