Who knew how heavy pea gravel could be? This little job took me several days, but I love the outcome.

We’ve reached stage 2 of the gardening experiment and I am thrilled to report there has been movement and change! Which, considering it’s a garden, seems to be the point.

First, I finished the pebble gravel walkway, which I think makes the garden plot look very official. The owners of the house love their yard spaces, and they’ve already registered their excitement about the garden. With the native flower border next to the path, it looks like we know what we’re doing.

Peas are starting to peek out.

Next, we have growth. WOOT! So far, the peas and sunflowers are coming up. In a few days I hope to start seeing little carrot tops and squash leaves. When the roommate gets home from a long work trip, we’ll put in the tomatoes. And soon, you’ll be inundated with recipes for all the kinds of veggie things.

I’m editing in a bit here for those who might not have seen the earlier post. I don’t garden. Last year my sister helped me get a flower bed and a pot full of herbs going and I managed to keep them all alive. This year, this is a huge departure for me.

My roommate had the brilliant idea to repurpose some old video shelves for raised beds. We’ve mixed potting soil, top soil and manure/compost to create a nice black soil. My part has been more aesthetic than practical, but while the roomie is away, I’m responsible for watering, so wish me luck.

Happy spring, everyone! I know I’m going to enjoy it.