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I’m adding to my blogroll–more food, some fun, and some of the stuff that turns my brain on. Enjoy.

On Futurism and Gaming just pushes my buttons on every level. My addiction is games, and I dig anything that looks this seriously at the phenomena. This blog is one of my new faves and I’ve spent several hours today just wandering around with a huge grin on my face.

I am all about simple recipes and this blog takes it to a whole new level. Eat at E’s has my kind of recipes–few ingredients, simple instructions, and a delicious outcome. Yes, there are days I want to cook something more gourmet, but this is the way to do every day cooking.

This foodie site is just plain cool. I discovered Frugally Delicious about the time I posted my first gardening article–and now I’m drooling over their fancy little garden plots. It doesn’t hurt that this site is easy on the eyes and absolutely packed with good ideas!

Does it make sense to include everything I like? Or should I limit future blogrollers to other food sites?