No new food today–lunch was pretty boring: a leftover hamburger patty mixed in with some mac and cheese.

I’m so lucky my roomie is as serious about the three Rs as I am (reduce, reuse, recycle!). This is such a great use for two bookcases that were going to waste.

Instead, I’m bringing pix of the soon to be vegetable garden!

My savvy roommate asked me what I was doing with two big bookcases sitting in the car port. Since they’ve been sitting there for nearly two years, the answer was “Nothing.” Well, I can’t say “Nothing” any more! Those two bookcases were given a new lease on life.

As of this weekend, they have been converted into the shells for our raised-bed veggie garden.

Two wide rows are in prep for tomatoes…the far left row is open for late carrots.

So far we have planted sunflowers, peas, cilantro, summer squash, beans and carrots. The tomatoes are sprouting in the tiny, almost unseen homemade terrarium near the top of the photo above, so they will be next, and we’ve left one row open for more carrots when the first ones start sprouting.

So watch out–summer will be full of homegrown goodness!