I own at least a dozen blogs, many of which have served their purpose and live lonely lives out in cyberspace, and others which I constantly promise myself I will come back to.

But I always question one thing–do I or don’t I include a blogroll?

Some of the new design elements here at WordPress have convinced me to go ahead and do it. So not only am I starting one today, but I’m also giving a shoutout to two bloggers who have already started following my humble cooking adventure. And to get you into the spirit of things, these blogs on their sites should explain why:

Cooking Supplies at the Home Repair Store made me laugh–this is how I think about everything. People who know me, understand that I can look at almost anything and find a secondary use for it. And this one is brilliant!

Small Kitchens that Still Inspire goes the other direction for me. As a renter, I have rarely had the “kitchen of my dreams”, and as a pretty serious cook, I have never had all of the accoutrements of that dream kitchen. But these great little spaces just whet my appetite for the perfect cooking space I someday hope to have.